Reverse Hyper extension Machine

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Reverse Hyper extension Machine

1. Leg trainer: reverse hyper bank for training the lower back, buttocks and rear legs | Powerful: 50 mm sleeves for additional load with weight discs | Pain-free back: stretches and trains the spine without vertical back loads. 2. Unbreakable: extremely sturdy 5 x 7 cm square steel with

2 mm material thickness | Safe & comfortable: 5 cm thick cushion with synthetic leather covering.

3. Two pairs of handles for adaptation to different body sizes | Grip pad for secure grip | Easy-care synthetic leather for a comfortable feel while training

4. I want to see you sweat! With the YODDHA FITNESS leg and back trainer , you are guaranteed to get your back, buttock and leg muscles into motion!



*5 YEARS WARRANTY With the exception of neglience /accidents, Powder Coating , Chrome and other coating, Seat Rear and tear.

- * No Weight Plates Included.