Wall Mounted Pulley Tower - Plate Loaded

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Wall Mounted Pulley Tower - Plate Loaded



For athletes looking to include a pulley system into their strength training routine, the Yoddha Fitness Wall Mounted Pulley Tower is the ideal addition to your home gym. Both dual cable pulley systems combined with the two-bar track gives movements a smooth felling throughout the exercise. With 18 different positions, this tower offers a wide array of exercises to suite any size athlete. 

Our version 2 features an additional mounting bracket at the base of the tower for improved stability. 

We offer our Wall Mounted Pulley Tower's in two different heights; a short version standing 80.5" and a tall version standing at 84.5". 


- Heavy duty powder coated steel frame.
- Standard weight posts with 7" loadable space for standard 33mm or Olympic weights 50mm Plates as per customer requirement.
- 18 Different adjustable positions opens up a variety of exercises to suite any size athlete.
- Includes two single hand straps. 
- Small footprint makes this Wall Mounted Pulley Tower a perfect addition for those with limited space and still wanting a dedicated pulley system.

- Footprint: 27" x 26"
- Overall Height: 80.5"
- Rack Compatibility: Tiger - power cage, Power Rack Economy-1.0, Power Rack Economy. 
- Color: Black
- Weight Capacity: 150 LB
- Weight: 30 Kg